A Shared Home Place


By Seamus Mallon

A harbinger of hope, this timely memoir by one of the most prominent Catholic nationalist 
politicians in Northern Ireland is a primary source for the social and political history of the 
province, from the onset of the Troubles in the 1960s to the 1990s peace process and beyond. Its authentic voice lends it a vitality and an urgency that
illuminates our recent past.

In this book, Mallon describes his happy upbringing in South 
Armagh as a Catholic in a 90% Protestant village; his turbulent years as a 
constitutional politician in the violent maelstrom of near-civil war, when he was the target of both loyalist violence and republican vilification; and his central role in the peace process as the man who complemented John Hume, doing the ‘spade-work’ to reach a hard-won deal with the Ulster Unionists.
Now in his eighty-third year, he calls for a new beginning in Northern Ireland, based on the ideal that it is a shared home place for all its people, and that Irish unity can only come about through unionist consent. His surprising and innovative proposal, based on a little-known clause in the Good Friday Agreement, shows how this might be implemented.

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