Are you ready to come out of your nest?


A timely new book for children (and adults!) as Ireland continues to cautiously exit lockdown

In a new book, discovered by Gill Books’ Director Nicki Howard in the submissions pile, child and young people’s therapist Katie O’Donoghue tells the story of Little Squirrel who hasn’t left his nest since last autumn.

He needs to gather nuts for the long winter to come but he’s too worried to leave his cosy nest. Luckily, Little Squirrel discovers he has lots of friends in the forest, from Wren to Snuffly Hedgehog, Grey Rabbit to Mister Fox, Old Badger to Great Stag. Will their encouragement and words of advice be enough to help Little Squirrel to venture out?

Nicki Howard says of the book, ‘I was so taken by this story when Katie O’Donoghue sent it to me just before Christmas last year. I thought that it could become a lovely gentle bedtime book for young children. But it also made me think of my own mother who has been cocooning for over a year now and has needed a little coaxing to come out as lockdown comes to an end. I hope readers young and old will take comfort in Little Squirrel’s story and maybe even send it to someone in their life who’s a little wary of coming out of their nest too.’

In a difficult year for many, through the story of Little Squirrel and his adventures in the forest, readers young and old come to learn coping techniques and to realise that, although we all feel worried sometimes, we don’t have to face those worries alone. With a little help from his friends, Little Squirrel eventually emerges from his cosy nest, as the rest of us begin to, too.

Written and illustrated by Katie O’Donoghue, The Little Squirrel Who Worried is a comforting story for children and adults alike. Katie, based in Kerry will be making a trip to North Kerry, Limerick and Clare this Saturday to sign copies of her book in all local bookshops.