Author: Denis Walsh – 17/02/2021

To quote William Shakespeare from his play ‘As You Like It’: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. With everything that is happening in the world at the moment this monologue seems terribly appropriate. In contrast however, the men and women are no longer players or even extras. Our role is more applicable to being members of the audience. The stage is owned by The World Bank, the elite rich, government superpowers, major global businesses and of course by the mainstream media and social media giants.

Our Government and NEPHET here is Ireland seem to fall into the category of the players or actors who just follow the script. Either way this drama is being played out on a global scale and its difficult to distinguish between lies versus the truth, manipulated data versus factual data, opinion versus conspiracy.

Indeed I would take exception to the word conspiracy or term conspiracy theory. By virtue of the word ‘conspiracy’ it almost indicates an opinion formed without logic or due knowledge. However, I believe it should just be referred to as simply another opinion. Also we need to remember that a conspiracy theory is only such if it does not become true and how many ‘conspiracy theories’ have now become conspiracy facts. My experience is that most people who form one of these alternative opinions, does so after doing their own research from various views and not just by consuming the view from the mass media.

One conspiracy, as many called it, that emmerged last year was ‘the new world order’ or ‘the great reset’. The great reset is not a conspiracy and is being spoken about openly by The World Economic Forum (WEF), but I will reserve this issue for a future article. One thing to note though is that many commentators have intrinsically linked the great reset to our ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Many feel that the WEF in conjunction with The World Bank are using the coronavirus as an opportunity to change how people will live their lives in the future. The concern is however, will this great reset be as ‘great’ as it sounds.

On current matters though, we are now over a year after the first fragments of a ‘deadly’ coronavirus from the east nestled in our consciousness. Initially we didn’t express too much concern but fast forward a few months and we found ourselves in this vice-like grip of a pandemic with all our lives utterly rearranged as a result. A pandemic is defined by having excess deaths worldwide but this certainly hasn’t transpired. It must be the first pandemic in history where the overriding symptom is not knowing you had it in the first place.

Leo Vradkar announced in March 2020 that an estimated 120,000 citizens would die from Covid in Ireland. This resulted in a comparable lockdown to what we now know as level 5 and very few questioned its introduction. Given how little we knew about the virus, the two to three month lockdown seemed justified. This mortality estimation turned out to be terribly exorbitant. Its now February 2021 and here we are again, but this time Michael Martin has said we are looking at lockdown-like restrictions for at least six months and Mr Vradkar has said “indefinitely” adding that restrictions may be in place as far as Christmas 2021. Of course all these restrictions are initially sold as being temporary but they never are. It began with “flatten the curve’, but all we have succeeded in doing is to flatten the country. It seems though that we have now become conditioned to this way of life and our ability to question or think critically has all but disappeared. Last year the suggestion of even a four-week lockdown was met with anger and disappointment, however this time round a six-month prison sentence is taken largely without any great objection.

While confusing, the reasons for this in my opinion may be just sheer exhaustion, the possibility that at least the vaccines will return us to normal, and of course the fear brigade that is RTE. The constant tirade of fear based propaganda coming from the broadcaster is nothing short of criminal in my opinion. The mental strain and stress they have inflicted upon people, especially the elderly and school-going children, without any willingness to balance peoples concerns has made some afraid to even leave their homes. These people perch themselves on TV and attempt to convey how caring they are for our most vulnerable without ever speaking to our vulnerable. RTE were once a voice for the people, but now that they are completely dependent on the taxpayer and advertising revenue from big pharma, have become a broadcaster for The Government. RTE are not alone in promoting fear. Social media is another launchpad to facilitate more delivery of anxiety, while censoring many experts of counter-opinion. Also I have noticed since Autumn last year, some of the national papers have gradually phased from balanced opinion to scaremongering. Perhaps fear is easier to sell than hope.

I want to discuss some of the major issues that have contributed to our complete loss of freedoms over the last 12 months including PCR tests, the lack of primary and preventative care and lockdowns that have kept us stuck in this vicious cycle of seemingly never ending restrictions. The purpose of this article is not to sway opinion, but to look at the data and some expert commentaries so that some readers will at least consider that the alternative view of the ongoing crisis is not so alternate and that just maybe, all is not as it seems.

Primary and Preventative Care:
We can see a lot countries for example Slovakia, Mexico, India and many African countries are now using primary and preventative care for Covid 19 and are having great success with the use of drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine with vitamins D, C and Zinc. Could Tony Holohan explain what exactly is the point of going to a GP when they are not allowed to give primary or preventative care? All they can do is send someone for a test. In Ireland, for the most part there is zero primary care for Covid 19 and these GPs have no guidelines. Surely, it would be more beneficial to treat someone early who has respiratory illness symptoms rather than have to wait for a test thus shortening the preventative timeframe. It seems more beneficial to get more and more people tested so to increase the case numbers rather than stopping a potential illness before it manifests. Dr Holohan has also recently advised that if you have any symptoms you should get a test, not ‘wait and see’. So basically once you have any symptom you should go and get a test rather than use proven preventative treatments.

In relation to India as an example, it has offered extensive over the counter and in many places, free primary care so that their hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients. In a recent week Ireland had 11.83 deaths per million population per day with Covid, while India has had 147 times less at 0.08 deaths. They advise the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as well as other hygienic procedures.

Another example is after Zimbabwe officially approved Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19, what followed was a sharp drop in deaths and cases.

Mountain Valley MD, listed in Canada and Germany have had many recent breakthroughs, which include a solubilisation of Ivermectin, seen by many as the drug to stop Covid-19 in its tracks. They stated: “We have been monitoring the explosion of clinical data & global studies that demonstrate the efficacy of Ivermectin as a therapeutic for Covid 19. Our work is not governed by which drugs and vaccines generate the most profits.”

Various people in Ireland have been advocating early treatment and prevention since May 2020 including Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill who has been vocal in many different approaches that we could have taken in this crisis. Dolores, an Irish citizen, is a world leading scientist and academic. She is renowned for her work in Bio-Medicine. If our government had listened, perhaps many more lives would have been saved.

PCR Testing and Lockdowns:
Kary Mullins, an American biochemist, developed the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique in 1983. This is the test used in many countries including Ireland to determine if a person tests positive or not for Covid-19. These tests have been rolled out since late 2019 and early 2020, yet this biochemist died on August 7th 2019 without ever analysing the Covid-19 infection. He actually didn’t have a lot of faith in the application of his own test for detecting infections. He said: “PCR test is used to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick and it doesn’t tell you that what you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”

In a recent interview Irish GP Anne McCloskey from Derry discusses briefly the impact she has seen and examines this test. She says: “As a doctor she saw first hand, not people sick or dieing of respiratory viruses but people pushed to despair, people pushed to conflict within their families, people pushed to drug and alcohol misuse, people pushed to brink of suicidality because of the government policies, not because of any disease but because of the way their lives were being distorted by this narrative.”

She discusses the PCR tests and says: “if we take these polymerase chain reaction tests, these cases, these asymptomatic people out of the equation there is actually very little to see in this pandemic.” She continues: “Yes people are dying as they do every year of respiratory viruses, yes the hospitals are busy as they have been every year for decades but there is nothing unusual going on. If we take this measurement, which measures not illness nor the ability to transmit illness to somebody else, but simply is a biochemical process which seems to me to be used by governments to drive people into fear, to make people believe they are the problem, that they are the bio hazards and that they are toxic to their fellow human beings. If you take PCR out of this equation the whole house of cards falls down.”

What can we do continues Anne: “We need to communicate with people. Try and get the message out there and most importantly, the power is with the people but through their elected representatives. We have to hold these people accountable and we have to demand that they organise an exit strategy from this insanity that is depriving people of their most basic human rights and liberties, pushing us apart, destroying us as families, as communities and societies and is going to have a dreadful effect on our children and our grand-children’s futures unless we can turn this ship around. We need to end the lockups now.”

Ivor Cummins – a top health officer from Dublin has also discussed the limitations of PCR tests. He is a Biochemical Engineer, who has spent 30 years in Corporate Technical Leadership Positions. He has recently been intensively researching the root cause of modern chronic disease with particular focus on cardiovascular diseases. “Never before have we tested non-symptomatic people in the general community for a respiratory disease on the scale we do now. Like lockdowns, this is unprecedented. Yet it is the basis for the imposition of draconian restrictions. Normally, a person presents to their doctor with symptoms and a test helps confirm the clinical diagnosis. Now we test people in an almost random method. The PCR test will pick up many ‘meaningless positives’ including people who have dead viral fragments post infection. The test manuals themselves stipulate symptomatic people only.”

Ivor has also continually promoted another test that is called Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT). This test takes 5 minutes and are shown to be 97% effective. Imagine the difference this test could make, even for example if you wanted to visit your loved one in a care home.

Ivor Cummins has provided factual data on the crisis since it began last year but now he is focused on showing the terribly adverse affects of lockdowns on society. He has also, using daily figures and data, outlined very clearly that lockdowns have no effect on mortality rates and should never be used.
“It is an unprecedented measure to lockdown a country, and it contradicts the WHO’s own 2019 pandemic guidelines. These guidelines acknowledge that lockdowns have enormous negative consequences on both economy and society, and have very limited benefits. The Irish government instituted a severe level five lockdown based on positive PCR test ‘cases’ using highly questionable ‘modelling’. This action has resulted in the loss of 100,000 Irish jobs, and we now have 35% youth unemployment. New lockdowns being driven in December / January/ February 2021 will lose a further 150,000 Irish jobs.”

“We are destroying society. Lockdown causes increased death from untreated heart disease and cancers – people ignore symptoms they would otherwise have had checked out; screening programs are suspended or reduced, meaning people present with more advanced disease. Mental health is severely impacted by lockdown. Many people experience depression and anxiety as a result of enforced isolation and the financial impacts of job or business loss. It is now clear from a UK study, that in the period since last May, the excess deaths occurring have been dominated by the 14-44 and 45-64 age groups, with only a very small proportion even carrying the virus. These deaths would therefore be more related to the negative effects of lockdown. Crucially, there will be hugely more ‘life years’ lost when these younger people die, compared to the aged people who represent the COVID-19 deceased. Lockdown is an unprecedented and blunt instrument for managing COVID-19.”

He continues in relation to Sweden: “In analyses, no-lockdown Sweden had a similar mortality impact as Ireland. Sweden stuck to the WHO October 2019 Pandemic Guidelines, rather than doing lockdowns.”

He says that we now have 30 papers published from professionals showing that lockdowns do not affect mortality in any meaningful way. A recent paper demonstrates that if you lockdown society and successfully suppress, then your overall death rate for covid alone will be maximised, not including the enormous collateral damage from the lockdown itself. The reason for this is we will not have gained any immunity in the healthy for future seasons. He says that this immunity is what will save granny and grandad in the future.

Interestingly a recent petition has been gathering steam for Ivor to be interviwed on The Late Late Show. Nearly 10,000 have already signed this but time will tell if RTE will listen to the people and give airtime to someone with a balanced view on our current situation.

The scientific data is there for the government to see but up until now have completely ignored it. With these lockdowns having such a dramatic negative effect surely the cure should not be worse than the disease.

Some time in the future we will be released from this chapter of our lives and enter the next one of humanity, under whatever guise that may be. I do hope though that we don’t look back on this crisis with regret that we didn’t question it a lot more, together as a population both here and globally. Our basic rights have been ripped away from us by governments that seem only too keen to oppress. Freedom of speech is under constant scrutiny, or at least it is when you have an alternative view. Now even our very own thought processes are being manipulated through mass media and fear based propaganda.

We can see that countries around the world including many in Europe have had enough of the ongoing lockdowns and just want the right to live again. The data has shown that lockdowns have little or no effect on mortality yet governments ignore this science and proceed with them enthusiastically. Those countries like Sweden and states like Florida who did not implement compulsory mask wearing or lockdowns are performing just as well if not better than the ones under strict draconian measures. They are certainly caring for their citizens much more ethically considering the lasting effect of the lockdowns on mental health and the many other health issues being ignored with the camera firmly focused on Covid.

After reading many articles worldwide I do see a shift in people’s thinking towards a completely different approach, with many governments pushing back on restrictions and I believe this will happen here too, eventually. When this happens, I personally feel that the response from the government will go one of two directions. Possibly some new variant will arrive on these shores and as always will be far worse than the previous one, and the prison door will shut firmly once more. The other response could be that when they see the people of Ireland have had enough and begin to question more, they will open the country quicker than they first planned. The advantage to this pull before you are pushed approach would be the apparent goodwill they receive from many sections of society. We have already heard related murmurs this week of the gradual reopening of schools in the coming weeks.

For now, as we exist under an enormous blanket of fear we should remember our fond memories when we had our freedoms and those times spent with loved ones. These connections are essentially what life is all about when we strip away our careers and materials. Those times will come again when we can be social rather than socially-distant, but unfortunately it will be too late for many. I would like to show empathy for anyone who has lost loved ones directly or indirectly from Covid or any other illnesses. Of course we need to be sensitive towards every death, and its a part of life we all have to deal with from time to time. NEPHET have made us fear death as if it didn’t happen pre-covid, while also trying to make you forget what it was like to have a life in the first place.

For those of us who prefer to live with relative freedom, the good news is that there are many people working in the background to reject the ongoing oppression of populations. In late January a German Court in Weimar declared lockdowns unconstitutional and just this week The Hague in The Netherlands ruled that they must lift curfew immediately, saying the government response was ‘illegitimate’. However, we will not hear much from the mainstream media regarding these uplifting stories.

If you can remove yourself from the ongoing fear and anxiety or eliminate its source then hope will take its place. I hope that we see an end to these restrictions quickly before our lives are re-arranged beyond repair. I hope these dark clouds will soon subside for the sake of our local businesses, our elderly, our kids, our families and our communities. We need to at least consider a different way of thinking and at least consider that what is required of us by our governments is not always the best approach.

We as a society are more powerful than we think and this will end when we say it will end. When the people fear the government we have tyranny, but when the government fears the people we create liberty.