Car loan queries on the rise at Listowel Credit Union


Listowel Credit Union is reporting a recent increase in the number of car loan enquiries from the local community. The upsurge may be down to two factors. The weaker sterling may have fuelled increased interest in buying a car from the UK. While recent media
coverage of the concern around the unregulated nature of Personal Contract Plans (PCP) may have encouraged people to opt for the more traditional route of the car loan.

Commenting on the rise in car loan queries, Denis Dillane, CEO of Listowel Credit Union said “While we are firm believers at Listowel Credit Union that shopping locally for a car is the best way to go with some terrific value to be had, recently we have witnessed an upsurge in car loan queries from people saying they are considering buying in the UK. The trend appears to be reflected nationally with an increase of 44% in used car imports between January and May this year.* We would urge anyone considering going to the UK to talk to us at Listowel Credit Union in the first instance. Our car loan is straightforward, affordable and fair with a great value 6.98% APR rate.” **

“When you arrange finance with Listowel Credit Union before going shopping for a car, you are effectively going as a cash buyer to the car dealer, and may well be able to negotiate a better deal.”

Concerns raised in the media in recent weeks about the unregulated nature of PCPs are thought to be another reason behind the influx of car loan queries. PCPs are generally not sold by financial professionals and concerns have been raised that people may be
entering into such agreements that they cannot fully afford, and that they do not fully

Denis continued “What we may be seeing here is a renewed interest in the more flexible and straightforward credit union car loan. The essential advantages of our car loan is that you can simply borrow the money you need to pay for the car, which you own
immediately, and which you can drive as much as you please, and sell on at any time you wish. Crucially, with a PCP, you need to be conscious of the mileage you are racking up on the car, because that balloon payment looming at the end of the agreement will have been calculated with your annual mileage in mind.”

“Should your financial circumstances change and you find you can no longer afford the monthly PCP repayments, you cannot sell off the car to pay your debt. With our car loan, you can sell the car at any time. If you find yourself in the happy position of being able to pay the loan back earlier, you will not be penalised for this in any way as there are no
hidden transaction fees or charges.”

Listowel Credit Union has also complied some guidelines for those tempted to avail of the weaker sterling and head to the UK for their next car:
• Buy from a recognised car dealership in the UK and avoid buying privately if possible.    Shop around online and ensure you are getting the best value possible.

  • Choose your car before you go.
  • Inform the UK authorities that you are exporting a car by obtaining and filling out the  V5C document.
  • You will need to make an appointment for a Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) inspection once back in Ireland, and you will also need to make the VRT payment.
  • You may also need to pay VAT if the car is less than six months old or has less than        6,000 kilometres clocked up.
  • You will need to purchase new registration plates.
  • Ensure you are fully up to date with all requirements and documents needed for
    importing a car by consulting the Citizens Information and the Revenue
    Commissioners websites.
  • Ensure you have also checked out your local car dealership. There is often great  value to be found right on your doorstep. Don’t forget you have to factor in the cost of VRT, possibly VAT, new registration plates and fuel to get you home from the UK when importing a car.

    “If you have made the decision to go to the UK for your next car purchase, remember to pop into us here at Listowel Credit Union as you will need to arrange finance before you go. Our friendly staff will tell you all you need to know about our great value car loan rate” Denis concluded.

    * Society of the Irish Motor Industry Report 2017
    ** For a €10,000, 5 year variable interest rate loan, with 260 weekly repayments of €45.32, an interest Rate of 6.75%, a representative APR of 6.98%, the total amount payable by the member is €11,782.63. Information correct as at 05/07/2017.