Cllr. Mike Kennelly Officially Welcomes the upcoming improvement road works in the Listowel area


“I am delighted to announce the following forthcoming roadworks in Listowel.”

The N69 from Kerry Ingredients to The Square is to start this coming week with no interference to traffic for Listowel Race Week. This incorporates a total road overlay, under grounding of all the services, traffic safety plan at The Meadows junction and a Cycle Way combining with the upcoming Greenway from The Town Park to The Square.

The N69 from The Tim Kennelly Roundabout to The Colbert Street junction will be completely over-layed incorporating new safety schemes at the roundabout. There will also be a new cycle lane from the entrance of The Greenway and a new safety improvement student scheme outside St. Michael’s College.

“I am also delighted to announce a free WiFi initiative, which will be launched in Listowel town in November. This will be a real advantage for the town to connect businesses, citizens and visitors to Listowel.”

“These infrastructure and safety updates will be of huge benefit to the locality. I hope these works cause as little disruption as possible but are vital to the ongoing economic and social growth of Listowel.”