Concerned Residents in Listowel are Calling for Action


Pictures are from the entrance to Slí na Spéire, Clieveragh, Listowel sent in by a concerned reader.

The sign reads: “To whom it may concern in Kerry County Council. Please prevent a fatal accident happening on the stretch of road by providing a footpath. Adults, Children, Mothers, Fathers with their Babies in buggies must rise their lives everyday and every night just to get to their homes. It is sad to think that in the years 2020. People risk their own lives and their children’s lives because they haven’t a footpath to walk on. Only a ditch to climb to get away from oncoming traffic. Footpaths are cheap, lives are priceless. And all ye are concerned about is a 40 million euro bypass.”

Residents are very concerned about the lack of a footpath at the entrance to the estate in Listowel and are calling for Kerry County Council to intervene before an accident happens.