Interview with Aidi Macdaibhi of Celtic Jewelry Listowel


To discuss the effects of Government restrictions on local business

Aidi Mac Dáibhí recently went viral on social media and Irish news for his stance on opening his business in Listowel.
If you have not watched the video you can find it here:

I decided to interview him to get an opinion from a local business person and how these government restrictions are affecting him.
I interviewed Aidi before the government criminalised going to mass and before it was known that we would be further locked down until July – another 13 weeks. Maskless and a after warm handshake I eagerly sat down to have an informed conversation with someone I believe to be taking the correct course of action in these troubled times…

Aidi can you tell me why you reopened your shop?
“Two weeks to flatten the curve became 1 year and I didn’t believe they would ever give us back our freedom even though the WHO had expressly said, that lockdowns do not work in controlling the virus. This has brought economic ruin on Listowel and Ireland. I see no end to this, they will keep pushing the dates further down the road. So I opened.”

So if the government said that they were relaxing the lockdown in a couple of weeks would you close and wait?“
No, thats exactly what they want you to do – keep you in hope while they have no intention of ever lifting this. Sweden never had a lockdown, nor a mask wearing mandate, they were hurt bad in the early stages due to their age demographic but now they’re doing fine with little to no economic ruin (unlike us). This is not about Covid, this is about control.”

I know your video interview covers some points about the illogical lockdown and how a small retail outlet can easily manage its customers –  so, I don’t want to go over anything that you’ve already said and I’ve been thinking if you had the opportunity to question the government yourself can you think of any questions you would ask them?
“Yes, I can think of a few, I think the first one I would ask is why has the government never (and I really mean never) undertaken a comprehensive impact assessment before approving and re-approving highly destructive, intrusive and costly lockdowns?”…As I said earlier the WHO told Ireland that lockdowns should not be used to manage Covid.”

So do you have any thoughts on the vaccines or should I say gene therapy treatments that are still in trial phase?
“Well, we’ve been conditioned by RTE television and radio that vaccines are the only way to go but think about this – Why has the govt not been fast-tracking safe, inexpensive, & effective drugs like Ivermectin for early intervention, when Ivermectin has shown excellent results in clinical trials and would substantially reduce the rate of Covid hospitalisation and death? Of course RTE under the freedom of information act were forced to disclose that they are funded by the vaccine-pushing Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. However, they wouldn’t disclose how much they received.”

So, I’m guessing you already know about the fast track to Vaccine Passport that was quickly passed in to law last week?
“Yes, I have – why are the government going with a vaccine passport when we know that the vast majority of travellers run next to no risk from Covid-19? Almost all of the actual serious cases occur among our elderly and sick patients (they’re not walking around). What I mean is just give the vaccine to at risk patients without coercion. I mean if they want to take it, they should know the risks.”

I know there is huge evidence on the adverse effects, even death from these new gene therapy treatments, but what do you personally mean by, “know the risks”?
“Most people don’t know about the 1947 Nuremberg Code on allowable medical experiments and the protection of the right of patients to give informed consent to medical experiments?”
He continued: “Right now the government is penalising and putting pressure on those who refuse this experimental vaccine. How is it compatible with this code when nurses in Dublin have been told they will be fired if they do not take the jab. I have a friend who was told this, he works with the disabled as a home carer. ‘Take the jab or you no longer work with us’ – He took the jab three weeks ago.”

So are you busy in your shop, are customers actually coming in?
“Yes, people are coming in to show support and you can choose to wear a mask or not. Two people are allowed in the shop at one time. Online, I have been attacked with a lot of hate from the pro-lockers but it’s mostly because of the volume of people who saw the video, but in person the people of Listowel have been great to me. I think a lot of people have been getting the news from RTE radio and TV, so they are not further along in the reality of what is happening. I have had a good few of my customers come in and believe that it is the schools that are causing the covid spikes. I mean the evidence shows overwhelmingly that kids are NOT at risk and tend not to transmit to adults. So, why is the government closing schools and subjecting children to social distancing, mask mandates, or Covid vaccinations. It is child abuse – plain and simple. Open the schools! We are sick to our teeth of zoom classes and see-saw.”

In this country I know we are using the PCR test at a cycle of 45, even though it is recommended not to use it above 25 cycles. This is obviously boosting case numbers with many false positives and RTE are only too enthusiastic to spread fear about cases being up. How do you feel about these ‘case numbers’?
“Cases? Oh my god! Why do they keep basing their Covid policies on “case numbers” when it is acknowledged by all leading PCR experts that case numbers include many people who are no longer sick or are not contagious at all? Why are they not basing their strategies on clinically diagnosed hospitalisations?”

So we are obviously not all in this together?
“How can they possibly tell people under this lockdown that we are “all in this together” when we all know that government employees have a guaranteed income, while those in hospitality, temporary contracts, and small & medium businesses are seeing their livelihoods go up in smoke?

”So last question – what should we do to end this?
“That’s simple and not that hard to do – it requires no effort or bravery. Go back to work, open your pub or shop and get on with your life and this fiction we have fallen for instantly topples. Refuse the PUP and OPEN UP!

Aidi is a master goldsmith and jewellery designer. He has 17000 followers on twitter to date and you can follow him on twitter as @aidimac

”I’d like to thank Aidi for taking his this time to chat. I left his quaint local shop with a sense of hope that more people are refusing to accept these nonsense government restrictions and the dramatic effect they are having on our businesses, communities and our lives in general. We need more people like Aidi and I believe his kind of approach is the only way out of this mess we find ourselves in.”

Denis Walsh – The Advertiser

The following is a link to a YouTube video that I feel is extremely important for everyone to watch with regard to the tyranny that will follow the vaccine passports. It is by Naomi Woulfe, CEO of tech company Daily Cloud and she is in a position of having a truly informed opinion. It is 15 minutes long but may be the most important video you will watch in your lifetime…