Lee Strand wins prestigious European Environmental Award in Spain


Lee Strand was presented with a prestigious award at the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) Award Ceremony in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain recently. The awards organised by the European Commission recognise environmental excellence, commitment to environmental management and continuous improvement of environmental performance. The theme of this year’s awards was “Driver of Change”.

Following the awards ceremony Jerry Dwyer, Milk Operations Manager stated “Lee Strand has a strong commitment to producing high quality products, sourcing our milk from farms who operate sustainably and adhering to environmental excellence in our milk operations. We are delighted to be recognised on the European stage with the frontrunners in the industry. The recent launch of our new environmentally friendly carton which is the world’s first fully renewable pack also shows our commitment to environmental excellence in order to protect the environment for the next generation. Our packaging innovation is 100% Renewable and 100% Recyclable and offers customers a fully renewable carton and cap that is made from materials that can be traced back to their plant-based source.”

EMAS is a voluntary environmental management tool that organisations use to increase resource efficiency and savings, reduce environmental impacts, ensure legal compliance and report to stakeholders in a transparent manner. The Awards recognise and reward organisations that took a step towards sustainable transition. Since 2005, the European Commission organises every two years an EMAS Award ceremony. The objective of this ceremony is to reward EMAS registered organisations for their outstanding performance in their category. The European EMAS Awards, are described as the most prestigious award in environmental management.

Pictured: Lee Strand wins prestigious European Environmental Award at the EMAS Awards in Bilboa in Spain (l to r) Kestutis Sadauskas, Director Green Economy, European Commission; Jerry Dwyer, Milk Operations Manager, Lee Strand and Martin Baxter, Chair of the EMAS Awards Jury 2019. Photo credit: European Commission.