Let’s make Listowel Ireland’s next Autism Friendly Town


Join us in Nano Nagle School for a meeting on the Autism Friendly Town Initiative this Monday 9th March.

We would like to invite friends, parents, businesses and organisations to engage in a new initiative to promote Listowel as an Autism-Friendly Town. In association with “As I Am”, an Autism advocacy organisation and Garvey’s SuperValu, we are working to make Listowel town more accessible and inclusive.

As part of the initiative, Listowel town will have representatives from various sectors, businesses, organisations and voluntary groups that will participate in training and organisational changes in order to receive Autism-friendly accreditation. To begin our journey to becoming an Autism Friendly town, there will be a public meeting in Nano Nagle School this Monday 9th March at 7pm.

Deputy CEO of “As I Am” Fiona Ferris will also attend and offer an insight into the initiative, the importance of an Autism Friendly Town and much more.