Listowel Credit Union Supporting Cycle Against Suicide


Listowel Credit Union in conjunction with Kerry & West Limerick Credit Unions support Cycle Against Suicide in the delivery of peer to peer mental health education programme – HEADSTRONG for secondary schools’ across Munster.

The HEADSTRONG programme is designed as a whole school approach to mental health with delivery utilising toolkits and a unique online learning platform for students. It supports mental health education in schools, reduces stigma, promotes resilience and fosters a sense of belonging among students. This is so important as mental health presents in teen years. The World Health Organisation (2018), states that every 40 seconds worldwide, someone dies by suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29 years old. Ireland sadly ranks 4th highest on teen suicides. The programme is free to secondary schools, simply registers online at

Ashley FitzGerald, Marketing Manager, Listowel Credit Union said: “With our support Cycle Against Suicide has been able to deliver HEADSTRONG its education programme into secondary schools across our counties, impacting hundreds of thousands of young people. The support provided by Kerry & West Limerick Credit Unions, with values and work cultures that place an emphasis on people with community living, demonstrates our strong commitment to driving positive social outcomes in our communities where we live, work and serve. Now more than ever as we all stay safe during the ongoing global pandemic we need to highlight the importance of Cycle Against Suicide’s work in secondary schools and Listowel Credit Union are delighted to support this important initiative.”

Listowel Credit Union are always on hand to help both parents and students with meeting the costs of education and offer a competitive rate to suit all requirements.