Living in Recovery – “A Life beyond our Wildest Dreams”


In memory of Tom Donovan RIP on Monday 24th April at 8.30pm
In the Tarbert Community Centre

Speakers will talk about their own Recovery Journey
David Brown grew up in the North of England and moved to the USA in 1974 where he now lives.He visited Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin last December for the first time and found the grave of his grandfather, grandmother, godmother and various other uncles. His Dad grew up in Dublin and became a doctor. David has been clean and sober for 34 plus years and seems to have a handle on this alcohol business. He is now back in Ireland for a second visit.

Lucy Brown is an addiction professional, an interventionist, mentor, public speaker and educator. She was educated in Minnesota and has resided in Kansas since 1993. She is a proud woman in recovery. Lucy is married to David, is also the wonderful mother of three grown children and Mimi to three amazing grandchildren. Her recovery began over 35 years ago when her family organized a family intervention for a very young and sick Lucy.

Oisin McConville is a native of Crossmaglen in Co Armagh and is sometimes best remembered in Kerry for the goal he got against us in the 2002 All-Ireland final. Outside of sport, he looked for other ways to replicate the buzz he felt while on the pitch and things very quickly got out of control. After the closure of his pub, it was rumoured that he had a drinking problem but in fact McConville had fallen victim to another addiction, gambling. Oisin will recall some of his darkest days, the six months he spent in rehabilitation and his life to day in recovery with his wife Darina and two sons.

Paddy Creedon, who will chair proceedings, is a recovery advocate for many years.

Everybody Welcome – Admission Free
Stay for a cup of tea and a chat afterwards
Supported by the Thomas Lyndon Foundation

“Addiction may not kill but not finding Recovery could”