Revival 2022…A Resounding Triumph


The Revival Festival returned to the picturesque setting of The Square in Listowel and its resurgence was never more welcome after a two year hiatus. Once again this intimate festival brought with it, oceans of positivity and a collective togetherness. The gorgeous sunshine coupled with energetic performers dovetailed perfectly to fuse the concert-goers into a spirited state of enjoyment. At a time where the area feels like it is suffocating with ongoing traffic issues, these two nights breathed welcome new waves of life into a resolute town, if only temporarily, and we should be extremely grateful to the organisers for this. Anyone can have an idea or a vision but to bring it to fruition is truly admirable. These organisers, namely Aiden O’Connor, Christy Walsh, Gerry Behan, Mike Brosnan, Sean Broderick, Terry Dunne, Gordon Flannery and Liam Canty, deserve huge acknowledgement for once again delivering such a beautiful experience for Listowel. You should be very proud of your creation in making Revival one of the most popular events on the Listowel calendar. The committee would like to say a huge thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, everyone who attended and anyone who helped in any way, but they did want to reserve a special thank you to Martin McCarthy and Jimmy Moloney for their brilliant efforts.

On behalf of the town and region, The Advertiser would like to pay a special tribute to the organisers and anyone involved in making this incredible event possible. You can be very proud of your achievement.

Energy, positivity, enjoyment, entertainment…A Resounding Triumph