Tarbert Lighthouse welcome Over 200 Visitors to its Open Day


The Tarbert development association welcomed over 200 visitors to the lighthouse open day in Tarbert on Saturday 21st of July, The organisers created an free online event for visitor to book a one off 20 minute guided tour of the lighthouse.

The annual one day only access to the lighthouse is always an important event whereby free guided tours of the lighthouse allowing visitors climb to the top of the lighthouse & learn its fascinating history while enjoying the fantastic views of the Shannon estuary.

The lighthouse built in 1834 which towers the locality by 74 feet was manufactured from cut limestone for a price of £2,100 (tender received from Robert Howard) with its fixed light, which can be seen for 13 miles in clear weather.

The visitors arrived at the grounds of the Tarbert island electrical power station and were met by a member of the Tarbert development association who briefed them on some health and safety advise prior to beginning the tour. The group made their way across the 200 foot long metal footbridge (est 1841) linking the lighthouse with the mainland, then entering the lighthouse before climbing to the top via a spiral staircase while been advised of the history of the lighthouse.

Lorraine O’Leary visiting the lighthouse for the first time said she had spent nearly three years trying to gain access to the lighthouse but the booking system was always booked out in a number of hours, due to its popularity, she was delighted to get the opportunity this year to visit the lighthouse and hear first-hand its fascinating history from the tour guide.

Pictured: Visitors enroute to the lighthouse. Steve Kelly Photography