The Final Count:


The Life of Dan Kiely

By Dan Kiely & Jeremy Murphy

Colourful, charismatic, loyal, hard-working, controversial – these are some of the words people have used to describe politician, businessman and Kerryman Dan Kiely. But who is the real man? Dan’s achievements have been dissected in the pages of the broadsheets, but which account is true? A close confidant of former taoisigh Charles Haughey and Bertie Ahern, readers will be shocked and amused by his insights into the inner workings of power. From a scoop into the resignation of Minister for Justice Seán Doherty, to a very personal account of Ireland’s Machiavellian political culture, The Final Count is a hard-hitting memoir. In the words of Michael Healy Rae TD, ‘Charlie Haughey had many secrets, and Dan Kiely knew every one of them’.

Dismissed as a ‘whippersnapper from Kerry’ by the press, this book presents Dan Kiely’s own version of his political life. Co-written with publisher and former journalist Jeremy Murphy, The Final Count provides a very personal account of a life that was often under the media spotlight. Unlike the memoirs of so many of his rivals, Dan Kiely’s ends in triumph, on the steps of the Irish Supreme Court.

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