On the 17th and 18th of August at 8pm, the members of ‘20 Players Theatre Co.’ will take to the St. John’s
Stage with their production of “This is a Play”. The cast features Michelle Boyle, Darren McDonnell, Jack McKenna and Laura Keane. The show, directed by Chris Fitzgerald and produced by Jana Finucane, consists of David MacIvor’s “This is a Play”, as well as oneperson shows written and performed by Darren McDonnell and Michelle Boyle.

“This is a Play”, a hilarious one act comedy, follows three actors who, while performing, reveal their own thoughts, motivations, and feelings towards their fellow actors. Each actor longs to be the “star” and each
strives to impress the agents and film producers sitting in the audience. Laughs are guaranteed as these actors
struggle to contain emotions as their contempt, loathing, jealousy and frustration towards their cast mates bubbles
to the surface. As well as this, you will also get the opportunity to witness first-hand two one-person shows
written and performed by two of Ireland’s finest upcoming actors, Michelle Boyle and Darren McDonnell. The
talent of these young actors is undeniable. In September, Darren will be entering his final year of his drama
degree and Michelle her third year.

Jack McKenna is currently studying animation in the National Film School, Dun Laoighaire and both Laura and
Jana have recently completed their Leaving Cert and are hoping to pursue careers in film production and radio.
These young actors are attempting to forge a career in what are incredibly challenging industries. However, their
determination, their talent, and their drive is real. The road ahead is a difficult one, yet I have no doubt that they

are more than capable of reaching their amazing potential and making their dreams a reality!
So please, come along on the 17th and 18th of August at 8pm. Booking- 06822566