Ballyduff Man’s Creation Receives National Nomination


Avalanche, founded by Ballyduff native Aidan O’ Carroll in 2012, has just been nominated in The Irish Early Career Awards 2018 in the category of Prestigious IT & Technology Professional of the Year.

Avalanche Designs was launched on June 15th 2012 by Aidan O’ Carroll directly after graduating from the Institute of Technology Tralee, who later went on to receive a Master’s Degree from UCC. Speaking to The Advertiser Aidan said: “at Avalanche we specialise in unique web design for innovative people. The name Avalanche was chosen directly from my favourite video game, Final Fantasy VII. We love working with people who are passionate about what they do, and the SME sector happens to be full of them!”.

Aidan has been creating bespoke websites since the age of 11 and has worked with major companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and over 300 SME’s all over the world. “Avalanche have created over 320 websites since its inception and I look forward to creating our next 100 websites. We have established ourselves as one of the best website design agencies in Ireland and we are aiming to grow even more in the future! It is the creative process of helping SME’s that really excites me and I look forward to the fantastic
journey ahead with some incredible people in Ireland & beyond!”

“These include conglomerates, major music stars and hundreds of SME’s worldwide. We have grown exponentially in the last couple of years due to our excellent standard of work. Avalanche design work is among some of the best in the world and we believe ourselves to only be getting started as browsers allow us to push the boundaries of development and digital marketing in the years to come. My personal dream would be to impact the world of design & marketing as much as my hero, Steve Jobs. We share a birthday, so that’s got to count for something, right?”

The awards take place on the 1st November 2018 and we wish Aidan the very best of luck at the ceremony.