Brendan O’Sullivan captures the hearts of Listowel with beautiful documentary


If you are looking for a heart-warming short video to raise your spirits in these difficult times, then Listowel’s Brendan O’Sullivan has the answer. Directed and edited by Sophie Clarke, this charming documentary tells a story of Brendan, one of his town’s most famous sons. With commentaries from Brendan himself, his family members and some of the many people Brendan has enamoured over the years, this film is sure to stir some positive emotions.

A ‘loveable rogue’ as described by Billy Keane, Brendan’s infectious personality transcends far and wide and some of his stories are told with a beautiful mix of fun and poignancy.

I highly recommend everyone to view this lovely documentary and it can be seen on Youtube by searching: ‘Brendan 2021’ or by using the following link: