Cllr. Kennelly welcomes Major Announcement for Duagh Village


Councillor Mike Kennely this week welcomed the announcement that Duagh Village Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) has been included in the NCAP (National Certificate of Authorisation Programme) pilot scheme of only 16 in the country. This project will provide for the upgrade of the existing WWTP.

Kerry County Council water services gave Cllr. Kennelly the following update on this project that will enhance the rural vibrancy of Duagh Village.

The Duagh Wastewater Treatment Plant has been selected by Irish Water to be included in a pilot programme to examine and address historical issues with smaller wastewater treatment plants around the country. This is one of 16 plants included in the pilot scheme.
As part of this programme, a project team has been appointed to assess the condition and performance of the plant and make recommendations on whether it could be improved by process optimisation, or if upgrades are required. For the pilot sites, it is intended that detailed design work will then take place based on these recommendations after which it will be considered for capital investment. The site assessment report is expected to be completed in early 2018.

In allocating funding for capital investment, Irish Water must prioritise investment decisions to ensure that it utilises available funding most effectively by making investments that deliver the biggest environmental and social benefits while maximising value-for-money.

Councillor Kennelly commented: “this is a project I have been working diligently on for over a year and I am delighted these infrastructure upgrades are getting prioritised by Irish Water. If you would like to contact me on this or any other matter please call me on 086 8077359”.