Free Economic Inequality Programme


These are times of great change. At the heart of much of this is a growing economic inequality.
“The recession has been tough for everyone. Or was it? A small minority of people with cash, with assets, with influence have done immeasurably better out of the recession. You’ve got the hyper-rich and the rest of us – and the gap in between is growing.”
David McWilliams Irelands Great Wealth Divide 2015.

The Economic Inequality Programme at a glance:
NEWKD is running a series of workshops which explores issues around economics, politics, and society – seeking to answer questions such as:
Why do we continue to support economic systems which cause inequality, poverty, boom bust cycles and environmental degradation?
What are the impacts of economic inequality?
Do all countries operate the same systems?
Are there alternatives?
How do financial markets work and what are their positive and negatives?

Knowledge is Power!
Economics can be like a secret language spoken by economists leaving the average person
disenfranchised.  In a series of workshops we learn, discuss and explore this with a view to
engaging the key social and economic challenges facing us today.

This programme is for you if:
•    You are interested in why society functions the way it does
•    You feel strongly about economic and social injustice
•    You feel frustrated with the prevailing system
•    You want to explore the choices and alternatives
•    You would like to be better informed.  You want to engage in campaigns and activity around economic and social issues in the future.

The programme is delivered over 4 sessions – Evening workshops: 7.00 pm -9.30 pm
How to apply – Fill in a 1 page application form. Places will be limited and the course is free
Please email for an application form.
If you have any questions call 06823429 for further details.