Happen – A Network of High-Quality Co-Working Spaces launched in the Mid-West


Happen is a network of co-working spaces in the Mid-West region that has just been launched in Limerick tthis week. The network, facilitated by Innovate Limerick and the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) in Clare, Limerick and Tipperary, comprises both public and private co-working spaces across these three counties. North Kerry’s

HQ Tralee and Listowel are also affiliated to the new branded network.
Happen will connect new and existing hubs across the region to facilitate working in a changed environment and create a community for remote workers in the mid-west.
The creation of the network was prompted by the impact that COVID-19 has had on how and where people work and the demand for a more collaborative form of remote working. It will create a community for isolated workers in the region. Happen also aims to reduce commuting time in the mid-west by facilitating remote working for those whose main office is based in other urban areas, for example Dublin.

The overall aim of Happen is to create a better work-life balance for workers and enable them to do so under a common umbrella. Being part of a Happen co-working space gives users and tenants access to an online community portal, exclusive workshops and events being organised by Happen and the ability to share business news via the network’s newsletter and website happenspace.ie.

HQKerry’s co-owners, Tom O’Leary and Ken Tobin welcomed the inclusion of HQ spaces in Listowel and Tralee in the Happen network. “Collaboration is the key to everything. We see this every day in our hubs in Listowel and Tralee. Joining the Happen network of co-working spaces opens our members and our hubs up to wider opportunities to expand and grow. Through this partnership, we will be able to collaborate with other hubs to bring more expertise and support to our members in HQKerry.

“Critical for us here in Kerry is to work closely with our colleagues throughout the mid-west region in order to attract new jobs through our hubs. We will be using the strength of this network to develop relationships and leads with large employers to set up a base in the hubs in the Happen network, which will directly lead to creating more jobs in our hubs and in the region.”

Leah Morgan, Happen Operations Manager with Innovate Limerick explains the rationale for the new brand: “How and where we work is changing and Happen’s goal is to facilitate this change. Our members realise that there is more to life than a long commute and living somewhere they don’t enjoy. Happen strives to help people create a better work-life balance, by providing high-quality co-working facilities in the mid-west. We are challenging traditional urban-rural divides and offering flexible work locations in cities, towns and villages. Happen’s brand identity celebrates innovation and collaboration while being supportive and accessible. As well as supporting member’s, Happen strives to create a supportive network for the owners and managers of co-working spaces. We will continuously be focusing on upskilling and training managers to ensure best practice and high standards are followed across all of our co-working spaces in the region.”

Each hub within the Happen network will provide modern co-work spaces for freelancers, start-ups and remote workers alike and enable tenants and users of each individual space to connect and collaborate with each other through their membership of the network, be that through the use of a hot desk, a fixed desk or a private office within the specific hub. Working from a Happen space is simple; all that is required to avail of a desk or office is to book via a centralised online booking system.

What is unique about Happen is that it is the first professionally managed and operated network of its kind in the country with its own distinctive brand and I am confident that it will add greatly to the enterprise development infrastructure of Clare and the entire mid-west.

Co-working spaces within the Happen network include ENGINE Limerick, the Yard Workspace, Newcastle West, and HQ Tralee and Listowel with new hubs being added in counties Clare and Tipperary in the coming weeks.
To find out more about Happen or to book a co-working space, simply log onto happenspace.ie
Happen can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @happenmidwest

Pictured: HQ Listowel – Co-working Space in the heart of Listowel