Keeping your information secure


Friday May 12th2017 is considered to be a landmark day in the world of cyber security.

A major wave of cyber attacks known as Ransomware infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world.

What occurred is not new, just on this occasion the scale was quite phenominol.
You know a cyber attack event is big when it gets it own name ‘WannaCry’ – aptly named as many large organisations and government bodies around the world had to struggle with its impact.
Solicitor’s practices
Safety of data of smaller professional services organisations has been a concern in relation to data protection and security. As such solicitors practices fall within this remit.
All legal practices caputure and record personal data and other sensitive information on their systems on behalf of their clients and employees, not excluding the storing of important documents such as Wills and Deeds. Some information may also be transferred via email and other media as is necessary. It is essential that appropriate measures are in place to transfer data securely as it is important to protect clients’ information. I am aware of several Solicitor’s offices that have been hit by cyber attacks, including one in Limerick recently, that was forced to shut down for a week as a result of the attack.

ISO 27001– Security Standard
For many years Pierse Fitzgibbon has invested to keep its premises and IT systems secure. The firm attained the Cyber Essentials British Standard for Security, which verified the security of the IT systems and data controls. The firm has nearly completed the long process of attaining the International Standard of information security being the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Stardard. Having successfully completed the first stage, the firm aims to be awarded the certification in the coming months.
Our clients deserve to know their sensitive information is being safeguarded to International Standards.