New service for Stroke patients at Ard Chúram Day Care Centre Listowel


New service for Stroke patients in North Kerry/West Limerick area commences at Ard Chúram Day Care Centre

ARD Chúram Day Care Centre, Greenville, Listowel has commenced a new pilot Stroke Day Service, providing nursing and physiotherapy supports to people recovering from a stroke in the north Kerry and West Limerick region. The Stroke Day Service is a pilot programme supported by the HSE National Office for Older Persons and it is available to stroke sufferers of all ages.

It provides the person affected by Stroke, their family and carers with a planned programme of activities designed to promote well-being through the provision of health and social activities. This programme will run once a week over an 8 to 12-week period.

The Chairperson of Ard Chúram, Tom Pierse, said: “When a person survives a stroke, it’s not only their life that may be turned upside down, it’s their family and those closest to them who are also affected. There can often be an impact on people’s capacity to access services to promote their rehabilitation. It’s important to let them know that they are not alone or isolated anymore with this new Stroke Support service for the people of North Kerry and West Limerick. We are delighted to launch this service and hope it meets the needs of individuals and families affected by Stroke throughout the region.”

People will be eligible for the Stroke Day Service if:
• They have a history of Stroke
• Are medically stable
• Willing to participate in an activity programme
• Are willing to commit to a one-day service for 8 to 12 weeks, once accepted in the service

Referrals will require GP and/or medical team sign off to ensure person is medically stable to participate in an activity programme. Individuals availing of the service will receive physiotherapy, nursing care and other allied professional inputs, peer support and can avail of physical and mental stimulation programmes, morning tea and a midday meal. At present the charge for the service is €10 to cover all meals and programmes operating in the centre. Additional charges apply for chiropody and hairdressing.

“The Stroke Day Service accepts all dependency levels and through referral will monitor level of dependency/staff ratio on particular service days. As part of the care plan further assessments will be administered by the Physio Lead. Referrals are accepted from people who are resident in County Kerry & County Limerick,” said Tom Pierse.

For more information about the Stroke Day Service at Ard Chúram Day Care Centre, Greenville, Listowel, contact Louise at 068 22986.