Seasonal Safety Advice from the Listowel Gardai


Staying Safe on the Night Out:
Tell someone where you are going & when to expect you home.
Carry your mobile phone (Charged)
Drinking – if one of the group has too much to drink – ensure that they get home safely.
If out with a group – watch out for one another, Remember there is safety in numbers.
Plan your trip home or arrange a lift, if you have to walk home use well lit routes.
Remember never drink & drive.
If you’re the designated driver, park your car in a well lit area & don’t leave property visible.

Safe Homes Over Christmas:
• Secure all Doors & Windows.
• Light up your Home, use timer switches when out.
• Store Keys safely and away from windows and letter boxes.
• Record details of valuables & don’t keep large Cash amounts at home.
• Use your Alarm, even when at home.

Over Christmas:
Put presents under the tree early on Christmas morning.
If you are expecting a parcel, make sure someone is there when it is delivered, or ask a neighbour to take it in. Avoid having it left on the door step.
Once you’ve opened your gifts, don’t leave the boxes on view outside to advertise your good fortune to criminals.
If you are travelling abroad for Christmas make sure that your home looks occupied or have a trusted neighbour calling in on a regular basis.

Superintendent Daniel Keane and all the staff of the Listowel Garda District wish the citizens of North Kerry a safe and peaceful Christmas.