The Disappeared


By Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc

Forced Disappearances in Ireland 1798 – 1998

The spectre of ‘The Disappeared’, those abducted by the IRA, secretly executed and their bodies buried in remote bogs, lakes and woodlands, has overshadowed the debate around the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland for the last two decades.

This book, the first of its kind, uncovers the extent to which ‘forced disappearances’ were part of the violent political conflicts that blighted Ireland for 200 years. Succeeding where attempts by the PSNI, journalists, and other historians had failed, Ó’Ruairc’s research led to the identification and recovery of a British soldier killed by the IRA. He reveals in this book the location of several other bodies that remain to be exhumed.
The Disappeared cuts through the exaggeration and myth that pervade the popular history of the Irish struggle for freedom. The author examines the role of leading Irish politicians in these killings and challenges the commonly held belief that the Provisional IRA disappeared more victims than the ‘Good Old-IRA’ of the War of Independence.

Behind each disappearance there is a face, a life story, and a family left searching for answers. Ó’Ruairc deftly incorporates this human element, paying tribute to those who were disappeared on both sides of the conflict

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