Your Unique Identifier


Most people are now familiar with the fact that each of us has or is entitled to a unique reference number known as a Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) which is issued by the Department of Social Protection and helps us access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland.
You can use your PPS number for:
– All social welfare services;
– The Free Travel Pass;
– Student ID;
– Public Health Services;
– Housing Grants and other schemes run by the Revenue Commissioners;
– Driver Theory Testing and Driver Licences.
A PPS number has already       been issued to you if:

You were born in Ireland in or after 1971
 You started to work in Ireland after 1979

You are receiving a social welfare payment

You are taking part in the Drugs Payment Scheme.
The PPS number was previously known as the Revenue and Social Insurance (RSI) number. If your number is the same as your spouse’s number but your number has a W at the end, you may need a new PPS number. W numbers have not been issued since 1999. Your new number can be requested by contacting the Department of Social Protection directly in Sligo who will arrange for a new number to issue to you once you can identify yourself by answering a series of personal/family questions. The number to contact is 1890 927 999.Once you get your new number you should inform any organisation that holds your old number such as your employer, your bank, the National Driver Licence Service, The HSE and Revenue.
If you are living in Ireland but do not have a PPS number then your application will require proof of residence in this country. You will be required to attend in person with all of the required documentation. If you are non- resident but require a PPS number where for instance you are a beneficiary in an Estate or you are buying property in Ireland then you may apply in writing by completing the required application form and by submitting all of the requested documentation. Full details are available on the Department’s website. You will find a list of the PPS registration centres on the website also.
Your PPS number is personal and unique to you and you should always be vigilant so as to avoid the misuse of your PPS number by any other person. Your solicitor will require your PPS number from you when you are the beneficiary of an Estate or when you are selling or purchasing a property.
Always look after your PPS number