Tidy Up Helper – New Decluttering Service


Tidy Up Helper is a new decluttering service offered by Eileen Mc Carthy. This is not about coming into your home and making you throw everything out, as can be a misconception from some decluttering TV shows. Each person is unique as is their home. Eileen will work closely with you, listening to and understanding your personal needs and then together working through the built up personal belongings to help create more space in your home or office but more importantly to give you a renewed sense of space and clarity. 

Eileen spent a number of years in Dublin studying theatre. She toured Ireland with various productions both acting and working behind the scenes. She then became involved in radio, producing and presenting her own radio show with Youghal Radio to becoming an independent producer successfully completing numerous radio documentaries funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
Now based in Listowel and with the economy opening up again, Eileen decided it was time to take the leap and do what she always had a secret passion for organising and helping people find simplicity through decluttering. Eileen had taken on some decluttering projects while living in Waterford but did not have the time to pursue further as there were other projects she was contracted  to complete.
“I’ve always loved organising, putting things in order, problem solving and helping others”. Having Come from a family of 6 siblings and having been a stay at home mum for a number of years while also for a time taking foster children into her care along with completing a number of various creative projects, Eileen has many transferable skills to bring to decluttering.

Benefits of Decluttering 
• Improves Emotional Wellbeing 
• Helps you relax
• Less stress and less anxiety
• Easier to clean home
• Helps you focus better
• Restore Order
• Simplify your life
• Your home will look better
• You’ll feel organised

So you have a room/space that needs attention, perhaps full of items gathered over the years and many not required anymore or simply in the way. You feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home or office and don’t know where to begin tidying or organising. This is when you give Tidy Up Helper a call. 

How it works
Give Eileen a call and talk through what you’d like help with. She will then come and visit you for a look at what needs doing and talk through a plan of action with you, all tailored around how you live your life. Depending on the work required, Eileen will arrange a day/days to get the work done. 

This will vary depending on the work required and length of time to get the work complete. As a guide the cost is €35 an hour  for a minimum of 3 hours work with special daily rates also available. 

By its nature decluttering someones home is a very personal service. Please be assured of Tidy Up Helpers commitment to discretion, privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Why hire Tidy Up Helper
Calling  Tidy Up Helper is a positive step towards finding a solution to restoring order and finding simplicity in your life through the benefits of decluttering. Each client can be guaranteed respect and confidentiality. Eileen is very easy to talk to, with a compassionate, understanding nature and a hands on down to earth approach to decluttering.

Testimonial – Siobhan Fleming, Cork
Eileen appeared just when I needed her, and helped me to literally ‘get my house in order’. While it hadn’t been a challenge in the past, I’d had a recent traumatic experience, and found I was unable to find even the energy to work through the clutter and organise. Eileen approached the task objectively and systematically, and not only decluttered but organised and systemised space by space, room by room. 
What was most important for me was that Eileen was completely non-judgemental, and was able to be efficient but empathetic. It felt like having a trusted friend in my home. Of course over time things accumulate, and two years and one kitchen renovation later I may be calling on Eileen again soon!                        

Call Eileen today on 0876053390 | W:tidyuphelper.ie