Concerned parents need your help to make their house more user friendly for Shane


Richard and Caroline Enright are parents to Shane who is five years old and suffers from Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. They have been fighting with the last three years to get their home wheelchair adapted. Because of Shane’s condition – Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy – he is mostly confined to a wheelchair but can walk short distance with a walking aid. Richard and Caroline’s home is unsuitable and Shane cannot use his equipment in the house. As a result of his unusual gait he has now developed scoliosis and because he can’t use his walker in the house he falls a lot which has caused him to have a trapped nerve in his spine. This may need surgery and they are anxiously awaiting a neurologist appointment. The pain runs down his left leg so severe that he cries a lot as a result.

Cerebral palsy also brings a lot of pain in his muscles and joints and there’s many days he can’t move without serious pain. Also Shane can only be washed once a week. His home is unsafe for him to wash, sleep and maneuver or he can’t play safely with his siblings. Shane needs a wet room, double bedroom, store room for equipment and a ceiling hoist. If anyone could please donate to Shane’s Go Fund Me it would help change the quality of his life. Richard and Caroline would like to thank everyone who has helped in anyway so far and are humbled by the continued support they receive.

Shane’s Go Fund Me page can be found at Facebook: ‘spaceforshane’